CIS 98 - Directed Studies (Special Projects)

The CIS-98 Directed Studies course is typically used to provide a course structure for a Sophmore project. CIS-98 is required as part of most CIS degree and certificate programs.

Each student develops his/her own software project. The project is agreed upon between the student and the faculty advisor. Sample projects have included databases, accounting, work related projects, and computer games.

CIS-98 is a variable unit course beetween 0.5 and 3.0 units per semester. A unit is approximately 50 hours of work. Therefore, three units of CIS-98 would require about 150 hours of work during the course.

It is important that the project chosen be of sufficient complexity to merit the awarding of college credit, and not so overwhelming that it can not be completed within the time frame of a semester or summer session.

Sample steps:
1. Define the project and fill out the initial paperwork
2. List the stages of development using a Gantt chart timeline
3. Develop a project outline
4. Code the project
5. Test the project
6. Demonstrate the project
7. Document the project
8. Final report and submission of paperwork
      Gantt chart: Open Workbench
Image of Open Workbench Gantt Chart
      Gantt chart: Microsoft Project
Image of Microsoft Project Gantt Chart

The student needs to meet several times during the semester with the faculty advisor for the project definition, progress reports, and final project presentation and documentation.
Directed Studies 98 Worksheet (Word document)
Directed Studies 98 / Learning Contract (Word document)

CIS Instructor / CIS-98 Advisor